[Live-demo] Name Change

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 16 16:39:30 PST 2010

Bob wrote:
> How about just plain old "OSGEO-Live" as a title?

This gets my vote. Simple and to the point.

I wonder a bit about the general public who have typically heard
about "GIS" and have a vague idea what it is, but "geospatial"
only beeing a word used by GIS professionals/geogeeks. On the other
hand the apps we ship are not limited to GIS programs.

I'd note that folks doing/sponsoring a conference or otherwise
distribution of it are free to rebrand the thing as they see fit,
under the terms (& spirit!) of the license. Especially if they
are footing the bill for the print run they should feel entitled
to do that.

> Version Numbering, I see several options
> By year with counter 2010.1 [...]
> By year and month 2010.3

Either of these would be better than the current way which
doesn't convey too much useful information to the casual user.

> the more random people stumbling onto it via Google etc the better.

search results are not simply based on the project's name.
as long as our download/wiki page explains it well enough folks will
get the idea and the web search will still work.

> some people just like have a code name for each iteration,

I've always thought that was a bit of a gimic, but whatever.

> if we did something animal related it could help us be creative with
> the desktop art.

When training new folks I've never had such a positive software uptake
as when qgis used to use devel's pets as the version logo. what can I
say? cute kittens sell.

> (I wonder if the disc collection needs some sort of creative commons
> license?)

The scripting side is already under the LGPL. IMO that is enough.

> I don't think we need "OSGeo" in the name 

hell yes we do. The whole point of this project is to showcase
OSGeo software.

> By not mentioning DVD we are not tiring down our brand to a concept
> which is already going away (I ran a Live DVD course at foss4g this
> year and 10% of the class did not have DVD drives).

hmmm, interesting point. At least for international conference needs
folks are likely to travel with their smallest laptop, which probably
won't have a DVD drive, and will be less likely to in the future.
We should spend time investigating how to do a live USB-drive version,
they aren't as cheap as DVDs but 4-8gb ones are getting cheaper and
with a logo printed on them make for nice reusable handouts.

as for lang=, ISTR in the live-helper help/wiki pages there were
instructions on how to set that from the grub boot> prompt as a kernel
option. That is how the regular ubuntu installer disks must do it I
guess... so just make each target language a boot menu item, or for
e.g. the upcoming german conference just hardcode it there.



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