[Live-demo] Re: Three weeks till Geospatial Live DVD 3.0 feature freeze

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 11:00:14 PST 2010

Hamish wrote:
> Cameron wrote:
>> My suggestion is that we do install an application in the
>> same form that it is available on a windows platform
>> (without linux improvements), as this is how most people
>> will get to view it if they install it on their
>> applications.
> I have to totally disagree there. We should not purposely dumb
> ourselves down like that. Show off what you can do with the
> shackles removed! Anyway, gpsd etc are already installed on the
> LiveDVD for other software so it is no additional burden.
> 2c,
> Hamish
I don't feel strongly either way on this. I'm happy to go with Hamish's 
advise and install the advanced linux options.

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