[Live-demo] PostGIS / Postgres on the Live DVD

Brian Hamlin maplabs at light42.com
Thu Jan 14 09:27:10 PST 2010

well, what can I say
a cursory look at the build log for this alpha shows Postgres 8.3 and 
PostGIS 1.3
To say these are fundamental packages is almost an understatement,
   yet somehow, the technology is a year behind..

There was a year of work on PostGIS 1.4
Postgres continues to make spectacularly stable and reliable updates
Apparently the priority of packaging for Ubuntu is about zero
(I have switched my systems to debian and its all working just fine 
thank you)

As you all know I tried with good will and my best effort to include 
these two *crucial* apps in the last release
only to be thwarted for no good reason by a single individual
when it was clear this was the case I said, ok I am not as experienced 
I'll bring in the software authors themselves
who, two well respected individuals, said independently, yes this is 
fine it will work
and still blocked...

and now you are going to 'freeze' again..
I don't understand what is wrong with this picture but for good reason 
I have little time or patience
I am personally disappointed because this is a showcase project

best regards from Berkeley, California
   -Brian Hamlin

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