[Live-demo] Re: [Ubuntu] How do i get Geopublisher in ?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 11:06:07 PST 2010

Great to hear that you would like to add AtlasStyler and GeoPublisher to 
the LiveDVD.

I suspect that the quality of these packages will be good for the 
liveDVD, am confident that we should be able to include in the DVD in 
some form, probably as a main package, but maybe under the experiemental 
section if the code is still a bit unstable. (I'll raise the topic of 
unstable software in another email).

So yes, please write your installers, and we will make sure that your 
application makes it into the liveDVD.

Stefan Kr├╝ger wrote:
> Cameron,
>> Do you think it is appropriate to add AtlasStyler and GeoPublisher to
>> the OSGeo Live DVD which is handed out at Geospatial conferences (and in
>> particular at the FOSS4G conference)? Our aim for the LiveDVD is to provide 
>> STABLE software that new users can try out for the fist time and get a feel > 
> for what Open Source Software is available.
> Yes, i think it's a very good idea to add it to a DVD which is handed out at 
> geo-spatial conferences and especially the FOSS4G. I will try to convince you 
> with 3 points:
> 1. There are no open-source or proprietary alternatives: 
> No software that i know of can produce multilingual atlases that can be used 
> off-line and on-line (=Geopublisher) - without having to know any programming 
> language, HTML nor XML/SLD. For scientists communicating research results over 
> the digital divide this is a uniquely simple tool.
> AtlasStyler SLD edior has been a very innovative tool when i wrote it two 
> years ago and still has some features that no other open-source GIS has 
> (connection to online symbol database, reusability of selfmade symbols within 
> different classifications, ...)
>> The DVD is also starting to be used by people developing OSGeo education 
> material and courses.
> 2. GP has been written for computer-noobs
> The main goal of Geopublisher is to overcome the technical hurdles for 
> geographers, scientists and cartographers when they want to publish maps. So 
> the software has been created with usability in mind all the time. The 
> software is fully localized in German, English and French. So is the webpage, 
> where at least German (lots of), English (some), Frensh (poor) documentation 
> is available. Training tutorials in English and French exists. 
> In AtlasStyler e.g. you can see the SLD XML code changing "live" while you 
> change classifications etc.. this is great for teaching people how SLD works.
>> Although I'm considering allowing beta software to be
>> installed in a non-obvious location to allow projects to show their
>> latest features when using the DVD
> 3. Why do you think that it is not stable? 
> 1.3 is not a development branch, it's the stable release.
> So... i think it's great software and it should be handed out to new potential 
> users that want to "get a feel for what Open Source Software is available." - 
> but i am the programmer and it would be sad if i wouldn't be convinced of it. 
> ;-) 
>> The steps for adding your pachage to the liveDVD is at:
>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/GISVM_Build#How_to_add_your_project_or_data_to_t
>> he_LiveGIS_.2F_Arramagong
> With this mailing lists' consensus, i would do so on Wednesday.
> Greetings,
> Steve

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