[Live-demo] new packages

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 28 23:04:57 PST 2010


I thought I'd mention some new packages I've added to the build list:

install_gmt.sh		The Generic Mapping Tools (cartography) + eg + docs
install_octave.sh	Octave "works in a manner not dissimilar to Matlab"
			+ mapping toolbox. for powerful raster array calcs
install_opencpn.sh	GPS navigation software compatible with industry
			standard BSB and S-57 data (mainly in the US where
			that data is both free from NOAA and not encrypted).
			* Example of click-thru licence agreement method
			  included with sample data. (fairly benign terms)
install_osm.sh		Some OpenStreetMap editing tools (need help w/ docs!)

all are less than ~ 30mb, but the sample OpenCPN data is ~70mb (can be
culled to fewer maps if needed)


ps- the 9.10 Ubuntu CD installed on a USB disk (using the Admin menu tool)
is working quite well for testing scripts.

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