[Live-demo] Application Quick Start - RST or docbook?

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Thu Jul 1 07:43:36 PDT 2010

On Jun 30, 2010, at 8:42 AM, ext Cameron Shorter wrote:

> Project champions,
> I notice that a number of projects have been using sphynx/RST wiki format to store their documentation.
> Would people prefer to use docbook or RST as the source format for creating the "Application Overview" and "Quickstart" documentation for each project?
> Attached is a template for the quickstart in Open Office format, and also the Project Overview.
> If there is a desire to use RST as the documentation format, I'd be keen to have some advice on how to build the RST template docs, and styling for the output.
> Even better would be if someone has templates already which we can make use of

I'd highly recommend RST. 

Are these single-files, or sets of files? In general, the way to build 
things out of rst for collections of files is actually sphinx, and the 
way to build single files is:

 sudo apt-get python-docutils
 rst2html.py file.rst > output.html

As far as templates; you'll need to go to someone else, I typically use the 

-- Chris

> On 30/06/10 02:01, Trevor Wekel wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I apologize if this has already been asked on the list.  Is the Application Quick Start supposed to be in .odt format?  Cameron mentioned that the Quick Start template was on his todo list a couple of weeks ago.
>> Regards,
>> Trevor
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