[Live-demo] Re: GeoKettle on OSGeoLive DVD?

Thierry Badard tbadard at spatialytics.com
Thu Jul 1 08:41:06 PDT 2010

Brian Hamlin a écrit :
> Hello- I am lost on the GeoKettle installer...
> svn checkout of gisvm/bin/install_geokettle.sh
> gets version 3.2, from June 2009 (?)
>   thanks
>     -Brian

Hi Biran,

As mentioned previously on the list, we are working on a new major 
version of GeoKettle that should be released very shortly. We will 
update the install script of the Live DVD as soon as the release is done 
and we hope to be on time for the deadline of July 5th.



Thierry Badard, Ph.D.
Spatialytics inc., CTO
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