[Live-demo] Re: Anyone downloaded and got the osgeo live VM working?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 11:56:52 PDT 2010

Has anyone else downloaded the osgeolive v4.0alpha4 virtual machine and 
got it working?
Brian, I think you have got it working under Ubuntu virtualbox?
Do have tips for Sergio?

 From VirtualBox, you will need to select "Import Appliance" then select 
the virtual image that you have downloaded.

Sergio BaƱos Calvo wrote:
> Good morning Cameron.
> I've almost finished in updating the scripts and Kosmo - Desktop 
> version for the LiveDVD new release.
> I'm trying to test them in the virtual machine image you posted a few 
> days ago, but my Windows VirtualBox doesn't get to launch the image, 
> it gets stuck at Kubuntu image (before it, a lot of hard disk problems 
> are logged). I've checked the MD5 for my download and everything seems 
> fine (the .7z file seems to be ok). The only thing that seems strange 
> to me is that the image is called "osgeolive4.0alpha1.vmdk", when the 
> .7z is 
> "http://downloads.lisasoft.com/live-4.0alpha4/live-4.0alpha4-vm.7z". 
> May be am I downloading the incorrect version?
> Thanks in advance for the help.
> Regards,

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