[Live-demo] Kosmo 2.0 scripts update

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 14:26:51 PDT 2010

Sergio BaƱos Calvo wrote:
> 1) We would like to add one or two simple projects to show Kosmo 
> possibilities using the data stored at the LiveDVD. Could we add those 
> after the 5th July feature freeze?
Thanks Sergio, that would be great. I suggest that this should be 
referenced in the QuickStart documentation that I'll be asking for.
> I've been checking some data for PostgreSQL at alpha 4 but the tables 
> contained are almost empty (there are no geometry tables inside).
We have had issues with our postgis loader script.  I think Brian has 
been looking into this.

We are looking to make use of a common dataset which is used by most 
So far, we have installed a set of shapefiles and raster data from the 
NaturalEarth dataset (as per the install_gisdata.sh script).
It sounds like we also need to load this data into postgis as well. 
(Volunteers welcome)
> 2) I haven't check yet the JRE that is shipped with Udig to allow 
> saving 70-80 Mb from Kosmo install. If it goes fine, I'd change the 
> download to not contain it and the launcher to use the Udig JRE instead.
We install sun jre and jdk 1.6, and strongly encourage all other 
projects to make use of it. As you mention, it saves a lot of space.

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