[Live-demo] Kosmo 2.0 scripts update

Sergio Baños Calvo listas at saig.es
Sun Jul 4 16:14:15 PDT 2010

Good night to all.

I have just updated the next scripts (all of them related with Kosmo 

- install_kosmo.sh
- install_desktop.sh
- load_win_installers.sh

We have included the new Kosmo 2.0 final release (that it's going to be 
published this week) for this new LiveDVD release.


Sergio Baños Calvo

Jefe de desarrollos
Sistemas Abiertos de Información Geográfica, S.L. (SAIG S.L.)
Tlfno. móvil: 685005960
Tlfno. fijo: (+34) 954788876

E-mail: sbc at saig.es

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