[Live-demo] build artifacts committed into svn?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 6 00:54:25 PDT 2010

Jody wrote:
> I was hoping to help out for a bit
> today; and am a bit terrified by
> the svn checkout size ...

they aren't crazy big,

> - gpsdrive_syd_tileset-0.1.tar.gz

- 1.1mb  (a couple of LANDSAT images)
- not actually used or installed (we downloaded ver 1.1 from
  the SourceForge repo in the last release)
- file now removed in trunk.
- Presumably we can use the osm_local PostGIS db to provide
  sample data for the next release instead of pre-rendered tiles.

> - mapserver-5.4-html-docs.zip

 (can we drop this old version?)

> - mapserver-5.6-html-docs.zip


> - mapserver-gmap.ms54.zip


> - mapserver-itasca-ms54.zip

 (can we drop this old version?)

also there is mapserver-itasca-ms56.zip @ 8.9mb

> - Auckland.osm.gz

- CBD example now provided by Barcelona.osm; file now removed
  from trunk.

> So while I can see committing some sample data into the
> repository - it would be muck kinder to download the sample
> data in a script?

Yes, I'd suggest to host any binary bigger than 2-5mb or that
will change a lot on the download server, see the README
here:  http://download.osgeo.org/livedvd/data/

artwork which is not release-specific should go here:

> I am also not sure why the mapserver html documentation is
> considered sample data?

probably just because that directory already existed.. shrug

> If it must be committed it may be better un unzip and commit
> the individual files (in the hopes they do not change often?)

direct download or versioned checkout from original site would
be best.



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