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#542: Postgis & pgRouting Icon
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Changes (by hamish):

  * keywords:  4.0 => 4.0, postgis, pgRouting


 Replying to [comment:10 hamish]:
 > All I'm seeing in Barcelona is ocean though, no roads.

 Ok got this working now. Usual story of half hardcoded constants which
 needed to be changed, half PBKAC. I created a second postgis DB called
 osm_local_smerc with the OSM data loaded as Google's silly mercator
 projection and connect to that. (just cloned Brian's earlier work: it
 seems to work ok without any of those extra commented-out SQL commands)

 So now we have dynamic, rendering on the fly local street maps for all of
 Barcelona in scales from 1:1000 to city-wide available via PostGIS+Mapnik
 in GpsDrive. Thanks to Jorge and Oscar highlighted waypoints for the main
 conference/congress center, codesprint and workshops render on the map

 I'd encourage any OSMers out there to go full out over the next three
 weeks to do all you can to enhance the area, but it's already in pretty
 good shape (building outlines, some relevant bus routes, etc already in

 still some refinement to do, but at least now it's working..

 > include a pgadmin launch button in the docs.

 there is an unused "Databases" section in the geo-menu which could contain
 things like pgadmin3, spatialitebrowser.  ?


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