[Live-demo] RE: osgeolive 4.0alpha4 available via VNC

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 2 01:20:44 PDT 2010

Trevor Wekel wrote:
> Yes.  Extra docs would be good.  I was not aware
> of this information.  Looking at some of the other
> scripts, most icons are still being installed into
> /usr/share/icons.  However, most of the projects are
> installing their ".desktop" definitions to
> /usr/share/applications.  

applications should put a copy of their *.desktop file in
/home/user/Desktop/ and the original in /usr/share/applications
if you like. Put icon files where you feel it is best & where
they work (so long as *.desktop can find it).

the Categories= line in the .desktop file will be updated
automatically. FWIW the menu layout in the last release may
have been last minute, but it was done as a formal solution,
not a quick hack. But there is still some room for improvement
(eg beta still needs to be incorporated).

this is documented here:



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