[Live-demo] Project Overview documentation template ready

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 11 07:10:14 PDT 2010

Cameron wrote:
> With lots of help from Jody Garnett,
> I've put together a Project Overview example, based on the
> RST wiki.

It's a good looking PDF! Congrats to Jody and yourself.


- Say something about maturity if possible, but the star rating must go.
It can not be done without insulting people and offers little benefit.

Actually I've got a hard time seeing how a description of maturity can
be assessed at all without needlessly spreading bad feelings or
confusion. Even if it is a self-assessment from the project.

- add graphic in top right for osgeo projects & projects in incubation

- OGC standards etc are not relevant to a number of projects so will
  only appear for some. we ship a diverse set of software, c'est la vie.

- how is the rst -> html looking like?

- the colours are a bit whack, but check out the structure of the
  package summaries at:

> I'm looking for early feedback before I ask everyone to use
> it (in ~ 24 hours time).

(fwiw, not everyone is active over the weekend so monday morning
deadlines on requests for comments, announced fri PM, are to be
avoided if at all possible)



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