[Live-demo] Alternative to describing maturity with stars?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 11 23:25:32 PDT 2010

 Cameron wrote:
We could specify maturity as a string, of maturity levels, with the
current maturity in bold, like:

Maturity: (mature | *established*
| stable | beta)

This still helps users distinguish between projects, without stars.

Would that address people's concerns?

Sounds good to me (although I don't really see the need to list the unused words; seems obvious).

I just couldn't see giving a project like GMT with 1000s of spottings in journals like Science and Nature a 2/5 == "stable" star rating and not have someone in the audience saying 'wtf?' ..

what would the difference between "mature" and "established" be? how about vs .stable?


ps- the many fixes from the 4.0rc1 build seemed to have been quiet for a number of days, so time for the next one?


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