[Live-demo] Last Call for PostGIS Datasets

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 19 04:05:54 PDT 2010

Brian wrote:
> Right now we have the osm_local, Barcelona, which, while great for
> rendering via Mapnik, is a particularly poor choice for general PostGIS
> demonstration..
>  So, I am wondering aloud what set(s) to use...

for those of us from other fields could you explain what it is the OSM data
lacks and what things would be useful to have for a general PostGIS demo?

admits to not exploring the Medford dataset very much last time,

ps- only two pubs within 2km of the conference hall? and only two ATMs in
the downtown area? Barcelona OSM mappers time is short to finish mapping
the amenities in the vicinity!
 (this means that OSM amenity nodes are now loaded & rendering, and that
 the "Find nearest" tool is now working for GpsDrive on the disc :)


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