[Live-demo] New Docs Plan

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 20 23:03:06 PDT 2010

Alex Mandel wrote:
> So I think I'm a little lost on the docs and hoping someone
> can outline the plan so I know where to jump in and work on
> the css.
> Are we replacing the descriptions with stuff generated from rst?

AFAIK we're replacing the <project>_description.{html|odt} with
<project>_overview.rst and <project>_quickstart.rst. The very
short <project>_definition.html chunks will remain (maybe to
become part of the index page? apparently some more work is
done there).

> Are the tests still being pulled from the Testing wiki page?

That would make sense.

> Is the rst being generated to static html or are we running
> sphinx on the disc?

AFAIU we are running sphinx on the disc. It's pretty light-
weight anyway, I see no reason not to. (I've just added the
package download to install_main_docs.sh)

just do:

cd doc/overview/
make html
firefox ./_build/html/

and pick one. then use prev,next in the top.

same for doc/quickstart/

honestly, it looks like a million bucks.

> What's the status (I see Hamish madly working away) of the
> transition?

well, I just figured out I'm maintaining 40% of the install
scripts... help... please... not sustainable...

actually converting html to reST is fairly easy, it just takes
a few minutes, but I don't have sphinx on the machine I'm
developing on so it's a rather inefficient and ugly back and
forth of svn commits while I figure out how to use it and

> I assume using the banner/css I made for live.osgeo.org is the
> way to go for style?

no idea.  check out the sphinx pages and re-evaluate.


ps - added little osgeo graphics to the osgeo project overview
pages for those projects that it is relevant for. Maybe set the
width: a bit more so they aren't so bunched up next to the main
project logo?  I think it is a good way to highlight the
osgeo member projects while not doing so at the expense of
others FOSS4Gs who happen to have their own Foundation already.
Our enemy is obscurity in the face of the million dollar
advertising budgets of our megacorp competitors, not each other.
wasn't sure if the qgis-mapserver people wanted one or not,
I leave it to them..


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