[Live-demo] OSSIM overview doc review

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 13:41:05 PDT 2010

Pirmin, thank you for your OSSIM overview. It is looking good.
I've made a couple of minor updates to the text (OSSIM was misspelt once).

I have a couple of suggestions for the text below in italics. Could you 
please incorporate (or ignore) these by the end of this week.

  OSSIM¶ <cid:part1.05090303.08070800 at gmail.com>

    Image Processing¶ <cid:part2.03040901.03090700 at gmail.com>

/Cameron: I've removed the word "awesome" from subtitle above, in order 
to fit closer with the template. You may want to weave "awesome" into 
the text below./

Open Source Software Image Map (OSSIM) is a high performance engine for 
remote sensing, image processing, geographical information system and 

/Cameron: Should we say "..engine for *processing* remote sensing 
*data*, ..."/. /As it reads I'd assume that OSSIM is driving remote 
sensing equipment./

/Cameron: I'd like to see 1 to 2 sentences here explaining what remote 
sensing is all about. Assume that most reader's knowledge of maps is 
limited to having turned layers on and off in google maps, and maybe 
styling a map layer from a shapefile./

OSSIM has been funded by several US government agencies in the 
intelligence and defense community and the technology is currently 
deployed in research and operational sites. It has been actively 
developed since 1996.
/Cameron: We need to explain the user value by the above sentences. 
Maybe "OSSIM is very (stable|robust), having been in active development 
since 1996, and is continuing to be funded and deployed by several US 
government defence and intelligence agencies."


Designed as a series of high performance software libraries, it is 
written in C++ employing the latest techniques in object-oriented 
software design.
/Cameron: We want to avoid "programmer" advantages in this overview as 
we are targeting users. So I suggest only keeping "high performance" 
which you mention elsewhere, so I suggest you remove above line./

  Many command line utilities, GUI applications, and integrated systems 
have been implemented - several of which are included with the software 
/Cameron: The above line could be clearer. It leaves the impression that 
much of the good part of OSSIM is not provided with the standard 
install. Maybe say something like "OSSIM provides both GUI and command 
line interfaces. There are also a suite of open source plugin tools 
available which can be integrated with OSSIM"

      Core Features¶ <cid:part3.01030802.02010001 at gmail.com>

    * Parallel processing capabilites with mpi libraries
    * Rigorous sensor modeling
    * Universal Sensor Models (RPCs)
    * Wide range of Map Projections and Datums supported
    * Non-destructive, parameter based image chains
    * Native file access
    * Precision Terrain correction and ortho-rectification
    * Advanced Mosaicing, compositing and fusions
    * Elevation support
    * Vector and shapelib support
    * Projection and resolution independent
    * Equation editors

      Details¶ <cid:part4.00080103.07020105 at gmail.com>

*Website:* http://www.ossim.org/

*Licence:* GPL v3

*Software Version:* 1.8.3

*Supported Platforms:* Linux, Mac, Windows

*API Interfaces:* C++

*Commercial Support:* http://www.osgeo.org/search_profile

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