[Live-demo] libraries shouldn't be publicly visible on OSGeo-Live

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Wed Jul 28 22:14:54 PDT 2010

On 07/28/2010 09:16 PM, Hamish wrote:
>>>> * GeoTools
> Jody wrote:
>>> It is a library; you actually have it used some of the other projects.
> ok
> Cameron wrote:
>> Hamish,
>> I don't think we should be including libraries on the
>> OSGeo-Live Overview disk (although we can include them in
>> our repository and include in the resulting OSGeo list of
>> documentation).
>> My reason is that we are targeting users, not programmers
>> on the Live DVD, and adding projects will just water down
>> and confuse uses.
> I am not familiar enough with GeoTools to comment on it, but as far as
> library overviews go I was mostly thinking about "gdal-bin" and "proj-bin"
> as they include apps like gdalinfo, gdalwarp, gdal_translate, ogr2ogr,
> and cs2cs which on the user side of things I can't imagine living without.
> so not really library overviews per se; I had not thought to give an
> example demonstrating their C APIs etc.
> AFAIAC if an OSGeo project or incubee steps up and wants a spot on the
> disc, IMHO we've got a responsibility to accommodate them regardless.
> but lets not worry about this until it's actually an issue.
>> (Programmers won't need the DVD as they will be more likely
>> to download applications of interest from the internet).
> many programmers are users too, or users first. it will be easier for them
> to do tricky installs themselves, but programmers need hints about what
> projects to look at just like everyone else.
> shrug,
> Hamish

As an FYI I intend to use the disc to teach Geospatial progamming as
teaching students to install all the stuff can take days and doesn't
always go well.

But most of them are pulled in as requirements for other stuff, no
reason to worry about overview docs per se except as noted where
something like gdal actually has some end user applications that are
quite useful.


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