[Live-demo] Last Call for GeoKettle

Thierry Badard tbadard at spatialytics.com
Thu Jul 29 15:36:47 PDT 2010

Hi Brian,

Le 2010-07-29 18:14, maplabs at light42.com a écrit :
> Hi Theirry-
>    thank you for this reply!
> However, I see all the informational files, but not the software itself.
> Am I correct?

You're right.

> Is there a stable release suitable for the LiveDVD for
> this year's FOSS4G ?

We have decided to postpone the release of the next stable version of 
GeoKettle for the FOSS4G 2010. The current development version includes 
many new functionalities but we are still performing some tests and we 
want to implement some additional and complementary features for the 
meeting of the tribes ;-). So the version of GeoKettle to include this 
year is the same as the one present on the OSGeo Live DVD v3. We would 
prefer include a stable version rather than a release candidate with 
some potential bugs.

> I ask particulalry because I have tried to use your software when
> writing the test docs for the last LiveDVD v3, and was not able to do
> some basic things myself, without training..
>    best regards from California
>      -Brian

Yes, GeoKettle requires a minimum of training but when you have acquired 
the basics, it is a very powerful tool for Extracting, Transforming and 
Loading geospatial (or not) data. Do not hesitate to ask us questions 
(on the geokettle mailing lists) if you face specific problems or you do 
not succeed in achieving a peculiar transformation.



Thierry Badard, Ph.D.
Spatialytics inc., CTO
Genuine Geospatial Business Intelligence

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