[Live-demo] What dataset should your application use on the LiveDVD?

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Sat Jun 12 19:22:31 PDT 2010

On 06/12/2010 02:10 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Alex Mandel wrote:
>> 2 local - As we discussed previously every year we could rebuild the
>> same type of data for the location of foss4g, in this case Barcellona
>> Landsat, SRTM/DEM, OSM, KML of conference hotel, etc.
> While I love the idea of having a FOSS4G local dataset, I'm also weary
> that we do not want to set up work that needs to be repeated by us
> packagers or projects every year.
> Eg: Quickstart documentation will require screen grabs based upon
> datasets used. There will likely be ~ 1 day per project to create a
> quickstart, close to 1 man month in total, which we don't want to ask
> for every year.
> I'm happy to have a local dataset included, but suggest it is only used
> for applications which are not going to be reused the following year.
I think for the data layer we expect projects to use, that would be the
world datasets.

Optionally, if tutorials are written well local datasets can be
generically referenced as long as we stick to the same list of sources.
That just leaves creating a script that takes an extent and pulls
together the local data for us with little human intervention.

For example if your tutorial uses OSM data, does it matter which locale
the data is from for writing a tutorial on how to use/view/edit? Not
especially, so just having a script to always make sure there's an osm
file downloaded and imported to postgis with an option to change the
extent location would make it relatively easy. But from the end user
perspective or workshop leader having the data be local is really useful.

At least that's what I'm thinking.


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