[Live-demo] What dataset should your application use on the LiveDVD?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 12 20:28:33 PDT 2010

Alex wrote:
> I think 2 datasets make sense:
> 1 World level - NaturalEarthData, etc. (I personally like the Cross
> Blended Hypsometric Tints raster where the color isn't purely elevation)
> ( A layer of OSGeo Chapters would be nice too, and maybe points for
> previous Foss4G)
> 2 local - As we discussed previously every year we could rebuild the
> same type of data for the location of foss4g, in this case Barcellona
> Landsat, SRTM/DEM, OSM, KML of conference hotel, etc.

I like this idea- it lets the conference DVD be flavoured to the home
city, which is nice, and also maintains some stability for the long term
edu material / tutorials as well.

- long term edu material can use the stable 'standard dataset'
- conference workshops (which will generally be one-offs anyway) will
  either use the city local dataset, the long term one, or whatever
  they want to do on their own.

I like that we provide the delegates with local street maps, a waypoint
for the conference centre etc. Most of them are in a strange city after
all and the least we can do is be their local guide.

> Format wise we should make sure we have at minimum:
> 1 Geotiff
> 1 Shapefile
> 1 KML

(based on above geotiff/shapefile?)

> 1 OSM file

(downloaded for home city, see install_osm.sh; just update the bbox)

> 1 Postgis Layer (Can be imports of above data)

can generate from osm2pgsql / shp2pgsql as step 1 of a tutorial

> 1 Spatialite (Can be imports of above data)

assume it has similar import tools as postgis?

> 1 JPEG (Mapnik tile?)

as non-georeferenced aerial imagery? or a scan of a paper map? or?

wrt Mapnik, do not provide in "Google's Mercator" for geodata. That is
only valid for visual use & is not appropriate for GIS work. It is
distorted and bogus and unfortunately now widely used by copycats.
The main thing it has going for it is that it saves cpu cycles for 
those running massive server farms with big power bills.

> 1 WMS (Can be imports of above data)

use MapTiler or gdal2tiles.py from above GeoTiff to help set that up?
(bonus is nice OpenLayers TMS ta boot)

> 1 WFS (Can be imports of above data)

shapefile should be easy, anyone done this with OSM -> PostGIS?



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