[Live-demo] Conditions to add a new project ?

johann Sorel sorel.johann at inbox.com
Mon Jun 14 00:43:43 PDT 2010


> Hi Johan,
> At the moment, we don't have formal guidelines for what is and is not
> included in the LiveDVD.
> But our general criteria for adding projects has been that the projects
> are stable, fill a niche and are being used, 

So you are basicly saying that starting project that doesn't have a
community yet has no chance to be added to the dvd ?
Maybe there is a difference between the FOSS4G DVD and what you call the liveDVD.
I was referring to your blog post : 

> and have a person who is
> prepared to do the hard work of bundling the software, writing the
> documentation, and continuing to maintain the project on the liveDVD.

I was thinking it was a special version regrouping applications available at the foss ?
or am I wrong ? to I need to maintain it afterward ???

> There are no restrictions on creating installer scripts for the LiveDVD,
> which means that if the project is not included in the main release, you
> can still create your own version of the DVD.

There is point making my own DVD, the objective is to show the project exist, not for me
but for the community.

The project I would like to include is Puzzle-GIS :

It' a Java Desktop GIS build on Netbeans Platform and GeotoolKit.org.
the version I will propose is v0.7 which is not available for download yet.
it will take ~80Mb and does not need install script.

johann sorel

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