[Live-demo] Conditions to add a new project ?

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Hello again, read below

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> Yes, Alex has provided good answers to these questions.
> At the moment, we don't have formal guidelines for what is, or is not on
> OSGeoLive, but I expect that we will need to address that soon, as
> getting onto OSGeoLive is going to become very desirable for projects
> due to the marketing reach of OSGeoLive, and we only have limited space.
> So we are going to have to put objective criteria in place to specify
> what is, or is not, included.
> I'd say the first criteria is that the application is stable, and is
> used in production, ideally in a number of places.

Puzzle aim is not casual end-users, it's made for developers.

"Puzzle is a Java Geographic Information Systems (GIS) development platform build on top of NetBeans6. The main goal of Puzzle GIS is to create a base platform for the devlopment of GIS application. Puzzle will fullfill the needs of all standard GIS application, offer a modular design and a customizable environment."

I do not aim business/marketing, coding is a pleasure for me, just wanted too show that my project exist and might by interesting for a few persons that's all. But this dvd doesn't promote new projects as you've said, and the project list on this page http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/browser/livedvd/gisvm/trunk/bin just confirms it. I guess I was wrong from the beginning.

sorry for all the questions, and thanks for your patience alex.

Johann Sorel

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