[Live-demo] 4a4 first impression

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Tue Jun 22 00:22:33 PDT 2010

On 06/22/2010 12:02 AM, Brian Hamlin wrote:
> I downloaded the vdk/omf
> used virtual box on Debian lenny 64bit amd
> converted to virtual box format (long operation)
Virtual Box does not require such a conversion it can use vmdk directly.

> running it, with additional RAM (1296M)
> * opened Postgres PGAdmin
>   Sydney and Medford dbs both appear to be missing their data
>   they exist, but only two supporting tables are there.. ??
> * quick search for all .shp files and all.sql files did not reveal any
> data for them

Those data sets are slated to be replaced as soon as we get around to it
with a generic osm dump (for this year it's barcelona) called something
like city.osm. Any volunteers?

> -- 
> * can't ssh in
>   installed ssh meta package, and openssl-server specifically
>   but, ssh connection is refused.. X or no X
>   someone may say that this is a good thing
>   well, if you have a 'user/user' type login, why not enable login?
>   I booted off a headless server, and wanted to ssh in to the running VM
>   a better balance could be struck here...
> more later
>  -Brian

There have been some previous posts in regards to this, and discussion
that you may need to change the port number to something above 1000 for
it to work.

Headless(Actuall all forms) Vbox supports Remote Desktop out of the box
there is no need for ssh, please see virtual box docs for how to do
this. Also if you add the virtual-box-utils package inside the vm your
can mount host directories inside the vm and copy/paste between host/client.


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