[Live-demo] Standard Postgres database name?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Fri Jun 25 01:26:38 PDT 2010

Brian Hamlin wrote:
> Hi All-
> There is a database in Postgres called osm_barcelona
> as a result of an import..
> is this the name we want, fro examples to rely on?
> Alex mentioned just now osm_local or osm_city as possibilities
> I think we ought to settle this quickly in order to move on

Brian, good comment. I agree that we should use a generic name so we 
don't have to change examples every year.
In install_gisdata.sh we are using the name "feature_city.osm".
So I suggest using "osm_feature_city", unless you have a better name, in 
which case change the name in install_gisdata.sh too.

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