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#421: Put common sample data on the DVD/VM
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Comment(by darkblueb):

 I have built a geonames database, albeit a non-standard one.. 83,000
 POINTs in Spain. Its about 20mb. The main table is drawn from a view with
 some hand made JOINs.. the foreign keys are tricky and there appear to be
 a lot of exceptions, so its not easy to built the whole thing in some
 formal way.. geonames on the whole is far too large to consider.. I looked
 at the web services, and they seem at first glance to be too specific to
 generate general purpose examples with...

 The natural earth set scripting seems to be coming along. There is alot
 there.. I have to admit at this late I dont have a firm handle on what
 should be live in PG or not..

 World  Protected Areas (WDPA.org) is a good set... not sure what
 permissions we would need to get to include..

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