[Live-demo] Thoughts on the live dvd

Joanne Cook j.cook at oxfordarch.co.uk
Tue Jun 29 06:29:11 PDT 2010

Dear All,

I taught two workshops on open source GIS last week, using the LiveDVD and the Virtual Machine (and in fact the Click2Try version)!

I just thought I'd pass on a few thoughts (mostly good)- though I know you're in feature-freeze at the moment for getting things ready for FOSS4G.

Firstly, all the options worked really well, and were fast enough and stable enough to run whole day events. The click2try version was obviously a lot slower- but it was just used on one pc where the Virtual Machine was not installed, and the guy managed to keep up OK. I also had a few problems with the LiveDVD where some pcs would not boot from it (in a 100-pc lab where all the pcs were the same, and all the dvds had been verified in advance), but I'm putting that down to issues with a particular pack of dvds more than anything else.

The only big thing I thought was missing was some presentation software. If you are trying to teach the lab using the same LiveDVD, and you come across an error in your presentation, it's currently impossible to edit that within the LiveDVD. I think you could get away with installing just the presentation element of Open Office, rather than the whole package, as you have word processing software on there already. I don't know if there's enough space on the disk though!

Anyhow, just thought I'd report in and let you all know that it worked well, and people are taking copies home to show their co-workers. So- thanks a lot for all your hard work!


Joanne Cook
Senior IT Support and Development
Oxford Archaeology (North)
01524 880212

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