[Live-demo] Xubuntu 10.04 available

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Sun May 9 18:23:39 PDT 2010

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Xubuntu is now available for downloads.
> Anyone interested in trying to build OSGeo-Live against the 10.04 and
> seeing if we have any issues?

Without actual testing I can predict what won't work.
Anything that requires a non-standard repo will fail since the repo
files are coded to Karmic not Lucid. Ubuntugis will doubly fail as not
all the normal packages have been migrated over yet.

As for anything that compiles or uses Java those should work, although
for the next revision it would be great to get everyone onto one version
of Java.

FYI, we are essentially out of space. So in order to add more stuff we
need to be more efficient about our current use of space. I've begun
talks with some R spatial users to trim the R packages down. A
comprehensive review of space usage for each package would be great.

Settling on a good sample dataset will be good too, something like
NaturalEarthVector and Raster

Might be a good place to start since they all have world coverage and we
could repack a new extent every year.


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