[Live-demo] Re: [Workshops] Anyone want to use the OSGeo Live DVD/VM during workshops?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed May 19 20:16:39 PDT 2010

Cameron wrote:
> > I understand that someone else (Alex?) has successfully
> > copied OSGeo Live onto a USB stick. As noted, the USB has
> > less space than a DVD, and we are now running out of space
> > on the DVD and need to start making decisions about how we
> > reduce the size of the image.
> >
> > Some of our options include:
> > * Not including Windows and Mac installers

(the space they take up is about the same we need for persistent
USB workspace & lose in file system overheads, so IMO they dove
tail nicely)

> > * Asking all applications to use the same example datasets

(where possible; it would be nice to focus on data near the host
city of the conference as we did for Sydney street maps)

> > * Have all applications use the same Java version


> > * Limit the applications on the DVD. (Hopefully this
> > won't be a major issue for FOSS4G 2010, but will likely be
> > an issue for FOSS4G 2011)

One thing I've been considering is dropping MB-System from the
official build to save us ~400mb. The Poseidon LiveDVD already
ships it; it still has no support for shared libraries so the
binaries are huge; while interesting to me & ties in nicely with
a few other projects, it's non-OSGeo so doesn't have the same
clout when push comes to shove.

But first I want to get the build script working with Lucid. :)

> Yes, I have a 3.2 GB image specifically intended for use on
> a usb stick.
> It is identical to the Final DVD minus the windows/mac
> installers and will be happy to provide a download link if
> you'd like to try it.

I expect the regular LiveDVD installed to a USB stick from the
Apps-> System -> Create USB Startup Disk menu will be the same,
the smaller ISO just saves you some downloading?

> It's not posted on the main site yet to help avoid confusion
> and because very little testing has been done with it.
> I haven't tried it on a stick yet (need to clear space up on
> one) but I believe Hamish has.

I have only installed the vanilla Karmic, and (as of yesterday)
Lucid xUbuntu 700mb ISO from a CD onto a 4gb USB stick to test/
develop the build scripts individually. I've never tested our
final product but I see no reason why it wouldn't work. Expect
to run out of space quickly though, rather than "perpetual" I
see it more as "persistent for a month or two". See the Quick
Start Guide on the wiki for details.

I'll prepare a list of pre-installed packages for Lucid's xubuntu
(sorted by size) at some point & post it to the ticket for this.
Probably better to sort by package size not installed size as
the filesystem is compressed.



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