[Live-demo] Re: [Workshops] Anyone want to use the OSGeo Live DVD/VM during workshops?

Oscar Fonts oscar.fonts.lists at gmail.com
Thu May 20 05:06:26 PDT 2010

Hamish et al et al,

(on saving memory to fit OSGeo Live in a 4Gb stick for FOSS4G)

>> > * Asking all applications to use the same example datasets
> (where possible; it would be nice to focus on data near the host
> city of the conference as we did for Sydney street maps)

Raf (CCed) is coordinating efforts to have a local free geodataset
ready for the conference, with as much heterogeneus data as possible
in a given geographic domain near Barcelona. Dealing with public
organizations is neither easy, not fast, and gets worse when asking
for a license change towards freedom. We cannot guarantee anything so
far, but we're at it, at in the right track. Thanks Raf, once more!

In the meanwhile, let's

a) Try to compile a Lucid distro working with the 2010
workshop&tutorial apps -- need someone to step forward and coordinate
(Cameron? Alex?) - afraid of continuous cross-postings (as this one,
for instance :S).

b) LOC to decide if we are going for USB or DVD, based on budget
viability -- LOC going through abstract selection nightmare right now,
so please be patient :)



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