[Live-demo] Planning to ask for new email lists for live-translators and live-project-contacts

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Tue Nov 2 16:14:33 PDT 2010

On 11/02/2010 02:35 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>  I notice that the live-demo email list can generate quite a bit of
> traffic now, and that many of our project contacts do not monitor the
> list very closely (and hence I need to chase them individually).
> As we start building up toward the next release, I propose that we spawn
> some low traffic email lists to allow people to monitor the project,
> without having to watch every single developers email.
> I propose we have:
> live-demo (our current developers email list)
> live-announce (we will send our press releases out on this list)
> live-project-contacts (list of the 30 or so people who act as the point
> of contact for their project. I spent much of my email time on the last
> release searching out and emailing these people)
> We may at a later point set up a live-translators, if the translators
> think it worth doing. At the moment I've found the translators tend to
> be very engaged in the live-demo list, and hence I don't think we need
> another list yet.
> If there are no objections, I'll approach the OSGeo SAC and ask for
> these lists to be set up.

That seems a little excessive as far as list proliferation goes. I could
see the value in project-contacts, but I would ask that project contacts
speak up about the idea.

announce doesn't seem super useful, since it would be 1 email a month,
getting people to actually remember to subscribe might be more work than
anything else.

Another way to tackle the problem is culturally, basically if the email
pertains to a specific application tac a [NameofApp] in the subject.

Just some ideas.


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