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Jonathan Roach Jonathan.Roach at manly.nsw.gov.au
Sun Nov 21 20:29:05 PST 2010

Hi every one,

My name is Jonathan K. Roach

I am interested in assisting you with testing of the open source software.

I would like to have a copy of the latest live DVD I'll be happy to download it if it is easier.

Particularly I would like to test in a 64 bit environment where users can have value for money when purchasing software and hardware  products.

I would be happy to discuss more.


Jonathan K. Roach
Geographic and Land Information Systems Officer
Division: Land Use and Sustainability
Branch: Strategic Land Use Planning (Design and Technical Group/GIS)
Manly Council
Phone: (02) 9976 - 1612
E-Mail: jonathan.roach at manly.nsw.gov.au

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