[Live-demo] Re: Goals and schedule for OSGeo-Live 4.5

activityworkshop mail at activityworkshop.net
Sun Nov 28 12:09:01 PST 2010

> From: Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com>
> Subject: [Live-demo] Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Goals and schedule for OSGeo-Live 4.5
> The first thing we need help with is translating the existing 
> Application Overviews.
A couple of suggestions from me:
Would it be possible to provide a sporadic (every week / every two 
weeks?) build of the docs into a html tree? This would make it much 
easier to review, and to spot typos, broken links etc. At the moment it 
seems each author and translator has to run the sphinx thing themselves 
and can't check what the html looks like until the first iso images are 
ready for download, am I right? I don't know where this html doc tree 
could be hosted but it's not that huge.

Second, does the overview page really need a "Tests" section with a link 
to the tests page? I don't think it adds much to the end user of the 
live DVD.

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