[Live-demo] Re: Goals and schedule for OSGeo-Live 4.5

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 28 14:01:20 PST 2010

activityworkshop wrote:
> A couple of suggestions from me:
> Would it be possible to provide a sporadic (every week /
> every two weeks?) build of the docs into a html tree? This
> would make it much easier to review, and to spot typos,
> broken links etc. At the moment it seems each author and
> translator has to run the sphinx thing themselves and can't
> check what the html looks like until the first iso images
> are ready for download, am I right? I don't know where this
> html doc tree could be hosted but it's not that huge.

if folks want it I can set up a cron job on the OSGeo adhoc-VM server
to do nightly rebuilds of the docs.

> Second, does the overview page really need a "Tests"
> section with a link to the tests page? I don't think it adds
> much to the end user of the live DVD.

I thought that we'd already removed that from the front pages?



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