[Live-demo] Problems / mistakes in live DVD

activityworkshop mail at activityworkshop.net
Thu Oct 21 03:36:33 PDT 2010

For what it's worth, I tried reproducing some of these issues using a 
Xubuntu Meerkat CD, and found that many of them are still there - which 
I guess means they're not just OSGeo issues...

>> Viking - if you zoom out a long way and zoom in again, the scale bar 
>> gets completely confused and the loaded track & map no longer 
>> appear.  The Ruler tool then draws lots of lines all over the 
>> screen.  Closing and reopening Viking solves the problem.
Problem is still there in Meerkat but it's not quite as bad as I thought 
- if you do a "go to center of track" then the display and the scale bar 
seem to sort themselves out.  Obviously depending on the zoom, going to 
the center of the track doesn't necessarily show you any of the track at 
all, but anyway...

>> JOSM - The top of the window is obscured by Xfce's top panel.  That 
>> also means the window can only be moved or resized by using the keyboard.
Still there in Meerkat.

>> On the "about Xubuntu" screen, it says 9.10, but the system seems to 
>> be based on lucid 10.04
I thought this might be OSGeo taking an old version of the Xubuntu docs 
but even in the official Xubuntu Meerkat it still says 9.10 :/

>> Viking - in the "go to waypoint" function, the dialog's title says 
>> "Create", but no creation is going on here.
Still there in Meerkat.

> We haven't worked out how you can set bookmarks from a script. If you 
> are able to do some research into this, and work out what is required, 
> and either write a script, or describe how to fix it so someone else 
> can write a script, that would be a great help.
I've never made a live disc, so I don't know the issues.  I just assumed 
that when you customise a vanilla disc image, you copy the desktop 
picture over the default one, you copy your menu items over etc, so I 
guessed that you'd just copy a pre-prepared bookmarks file over on top 
of the default Firefox one.  But I'm just guessing there :)

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