[Live-demo] What should be our focus for the next OSGeoLive release? (version 5.0)

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 04:01:37 PDT 2010

I'm interested to hear what people think we should be focusing on, and 
setting as our criteria for the next OSGeo-Live release.

I hope to be able to achieve the following:

1. Introduction of translations for Project Overviews.

2. Completion of OGC Standards Overviews, and then greater OGC and OSGeo 
community review of the standard descriptions that have been written up 
so far.

3. Translation of the OGC Standard Overviews.

4. Write or update Quick Starts for all applications. We will encourage 
but not mandate these Quick Starts to have screen grabs. I'd love to see 
these Quick Starts translated, but I suspect this will need to wait for 
a future release, due to the large amount of effort required and minimal 
time allocated.

5. I'd like to see all Quick Starts run by an independent tester, and 
for the tester to record their testing results so that we have 
confidence that we have tested the entire application. It would be good 
if our testers used screen capture into a video, which could be included 
in our marketing material.

6. We will likely have some new applications added.

7. What else?

I've put together a proposed schedule for the next OSGeo-Live release 
[1], which should be starting toward the end of November, with a release 
coming out mid March.

I'm interested to hear whether this is achievable. I especially want to 
hear from the translators for each language to hear the level of 
commitment you think you can bring to the project and what you wish to 
translate. There is a lot of work involved in translating and I'd like 
to make sure we set realistic targets. Translating is also a huge draw 
card for people creating documentation, as it is something they mostly 
cannot do themselves.


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