[Live-demo] Video Feedback - was Countdown to OSGeoLive 4.0 announcement

Brian Hamlin maplabs at light42.com
Thu Sep 2 18:55:39 PDT 2010

        dbb: ok - watching now
        dbb: postgres - object relational database ?
        dbb: oh ok
        dbb: its not exactly wrong

        dbb: openlayers - easy to install without any server side  
dependancies.. hm, a little awkward.. also not exactly wrong though
        dbb: (this is a lot of effort CameronShorter - I want to say I  
appreciate that, and am providing the critique you asked for ....)
        dbb: I think you meant to say openlayers, easy to install  
without any client side dependancies

OSGeo Name
        dbb: I personaly had never heard oz-geo before..
        dbb: .. for OSGeo
CameronSho: Thanks dbb. Yes, I expect there will be a number of things  
I haven't got quite right. I'm not planning to fix them.
wildintell: CameronShorter, I'll aim to be done by the time you go  
home, but plan to work late to get this all working so you can 100%  
release when you wake up in the morning
CameronSho: In editing I would say the same section over 2 or 3 times,  
and then edit in the best reading. I'm worried that I might have missed  
one and I repeat myself somewhere.

        dbb: AtlasStlyler is often bunled with GeoServer - you meant to  
say GeoPublisher
        dbb: bundled
        dbb: .. I guess
CameronSho: thanks dbb. good catch. Could you please list all errors  
you find in a email, If it is critical enough, and I can get enough  
time, I'll address tonight.
        dbb: well you do say GeoServer and uDig quickly afterwards.

        dbb: I think I am just posting these here.. we can copy and  
paste this channel to an email, too if you like
CameronSho: wildintellect, can you please publish the website to  
wildintell: right now?
CameronSho: dbb, cut and paste is fine.

QGis  -- this is important
        dbb: one of the well known is QGis
        dbb: thats more than a little awkward.. because not only is it  
not grammatical, but it is in fact the most widely known and used OSGeo  
app, by a very wide margin

        dbb: osgEarth is a little muddled.. but, no one will care :p
        dbb: .. the author is rewriting it already.. its not widely known
        dbb: great - done
        dbb: many are just fine, and a few are quite good
        dbb: nice work

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