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Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas jsanz at osgeo.org
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El 12/09/10 22:15, Massimo Di Stefano escribió:
> All, Marco,
> i set-up an omegT project to have the "source and target directory" in sync with the svn trees
> simply i choose as source location :
> osgeo/doc/en
> and as target location :
> osgeo/doc/it 
> iomegaT will detect all the .rst files in the en/* trees (all the sub-dir too), then :
> "projet -> generate target documents"
> "proggetto -> crea i documenti di arrivo"
> it will generate .rst files in the it/* target location
> going ahead with translation we will be able to commit the progress
> and every time we start with a new translation-session
> we have to do an " svn up " on the trunk
> i hope this is the process all we need to follow (i'm new to colaborative translations)
> thanks for any hints

So you're not committing the translation memory that you are creating
with OmegaT, just the output files, right?

That's what I was talking about when I presented OmegaT, the real
working document is the translation memory but I don't know if this kind
of file is "svn friendly" in the way it can be merged or not (I can't
remember if it was a binary or some kind of XML file).

If there are others willing to also translate the documentation and they
don't have the translation memory, the have to "align" (I think this is
the correct term) their documents to generate the translation memory
from original and translated documents, or just be in touch with other
translators and translate different documents.

Well this is complicated and I can't help so much right now.

Anyway a colleague and me will probably do the OSGeo Live lightning
overview on an education conference here in Valencia so it's quite sure
that we will deal at least with some translation :-)

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