[Live-demo] Countdown to printing the German OSGeoLive

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Wed Sep 15 17:12:58 PDT 2010

Yes, I can build a fresh copy this weekend, just be sure to give me
deadlines in UTC so I get it done by the right time. Will need to be
extra careful to check that we're still under the size cap with the
translated pages.


On 09/15/2010 04:55 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Thanks Lars,
> I've updated the OSGeoLive schedule according to your estimates here:
> https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Al9zh8DjmU_RdE1SYUN3YWJ2N1NpSUczbW9IRWZNclE&hl=en_GB#gid=0
> I agree, this is a very tight schedule, and we would need to be finished
> with translations by the end of the weekend.
> I suggest that we translate as many projects as possible, and then
> revert to English for remaining projects (I can achieve this in the
> build script). Work on your favourite, or most popular projects first.
> Intergeo people,
> Can we find a way to get the DVDs burned faster? Maybe another company,
> or by avoiding the shipping delays by walking DVDs around. Ideally we
> would like to have until Sunday 26 September to finish translations and
> build a DVD.
> German translators,
> Can you please reply with what you can achieve by the end of this
> weekend, Sun 19 September.
> Can you also please note what you could by Thursday 23 September, in
> case we can find another printing option.
> Other translators,
> Can you please comment on whether you think you can get your
> translations finished by this weekend, Sun 19 Sept, or in a week, by
> Thurs 23 Sept, or whether you would prefer to wait for a later release,
> in a month or two.
> Alex,
> Would you be available to build a 4.1 release this weekend if required?
> Hamish and other script hackers,
> Do you have time to help build the main index docs (which are now using
> rst) in the next day or two?
> I can do some of this, but it will be tight for me to get it all done in
> the next day or 2, so translators can update the main pages this weekend.
> On 15/09/10 22:28, Lars Lingner wrote:
> Am 15.09.2010 14:05, schrieb Cameron Shorter:
>>>> Astrid,
>>>> Have you sourced a printer to print DVDs for intergeo?
>>>> Could you please find one if you have not?
>>>> When will they need the DVD ISO in order to have it ready in time for
>>>> Intergeo on 5 October?
> I just checked the printer we were using for the last time.
> There is really not much time. The printer company needs 8-10 working
> days to finish the print. A DVD master copy has been sent to them, (one
> part of) the money needs to be transfered and the DVDs need to be
> shipped. There is an express option but its much more expensive.
> So in the end I think if the iso image would be final on monday (20.09)
> morning (CET), the DVD would be available in time.
> I'm not sure if we can make this happen...

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