[Live-demo] Multi-language build working

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 16:12:37 PDT 2010

bin/install_main_docs.sh now builds docs for all languages (into the 
directory /usr/local/share/osgeolive-docs/ )

You will need to either run the script as root, or make the contents of 
/usr/local/share/osgeolive-docs/ writable. (my preference is the 2nd 

Still missing:
* The CSS for the top banner is not working any more. Alex, I wonder if 
you could help fix that.

* We don't have buttons or flags or similar to switch between languages. 
I suspect we could write some short javascript which identifies what the 
URL is, and then switches the language (eg from /en/ to /de/) which 
would mean that you can switch from an English page to the German 
equivalent of that English page.

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