[Live-demo] language code detection

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 20 19:12:03 PDT 2010

> Probably I did a logical error with the language detection. The place
> where the language is defined in the script is the time when the LiveDVD
> build is put together, right?

currently that's how it is,

> So it's not a script that will run, when a user logs in on the LiveDVD,
> I guess.

nope, everything(?) in the bin/ dir gets run at build time.

> This is what I actually thought it would be nice to have. In that case
> all welcome_message.txt files had to be included to the LiveDVD and
> selected by another script, I think.

desktop-conf/welcome_message.sh can take care of that for you, as it is
run at window manager login-time.

> Would this be difficult task?

for welcome message I think it would be rather easy. For the main docs,
nothing is impossible but it gets a bit harder. Probably the best we can
do is edit the desktop road-sign help icon (~/Desktop/help.desktop or
something like that) to point to the LANG code version. Changing the
help button in the Geospatial menu is a bit more difficult (needs sudo;
see opencpn data license agreement script for that) as is the web browser
homepage (see bin/install main docs(?) for a way of trying to do that).

For now I think editing the target of the welcome_message.txt and ~/Desktop/
help icon from welcome_message.sh is the most effort effective thing to do.
Yes another job for `sed -i -e 's|from|to|'` ...

> I think, I'm a bit lost in the scripts at the moment ;-)

I think the doc layout is still a bit messy as we figure it all out, but
the script logic is now fairly sane once you get your head around it,
so don't worry you'll figure it out soon.



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