[Live-demo] How to add a new MacOS X package to the list

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Thu Apr 7 16:03:11 PDT 2011

On 04/07/2011 03:37 PM, Hamish wrote:

> Cameron 
>> Consequently, when we start planning for the next OSGeo-Live
>> release, I think we are going to revisit our options for space
>> saving. At this point, I think it is likely that we will need to
>> remove Windows and Mac installers from the standard ISO.

So there's a more general issue, the mini iso has pretty much reached
it's limit. If we want it to fit on a 4GB usb stick we can't put much
more than another 200-300mb post compression (300-500 in the live mode).
Once that's set there will always be some leftover space between the
size of the mini and the 4.4 GB limit of a DVD. If we don't fill it with
installers, what else would we put there?

On this last run, at the last minute to make it burnable I made the
decision to basically cut anything that wasn't a Desktop application.
The reasoning, if you're going to be testing a web app, you probably
have a server, and if you have a sever you probably have a decent
internet connection (Yes I'm aware there are exceptions to this rule).
Desktop applications however can be run and used almost in their
entirety without ever needing the web, and hence those installers on
disk being taken to remote parts of the world could run on whatever
computer is there and require no internet to get started. So for version
5 I'm proposing a continuation of only desktop app installers on the ISO.

That said, I'm open to other ways to decide what to put on the disc and
I think that keeping an online page that links you to downloads of
everything available or caching the installers (all of them) with 2x a
year updates is a good idea.

> what new projects were you considering adding? I think we may
> start to see a leveling of the new [large] project curve. who's
> left to still collect? :)
> Opticks is one project that comes to mind as a possible invitee.
Yes since there are applying for Incubation.

>> We may move the installers to an OSGeo Server directory, and
>> point people at this directory.
> fwiw sync'ing that twice a year shouldn't be too much of a
> burden, but keeping it always up to date is too much of a
> maintenance time sink. A project-maintainable page on the wiki
> for their contact info would be good too.
> Beware your responsibility to also offer source for download
> under the (L)GPL. pointing to the upstream's download-source page
> is not enough*. (that goes for the disc too I guess, but it feels
> more acute with a .dmg/.exe installer repository)
> [*] as it might go away, such as when the makers of .ecw were
> gobbled up by a larger megacorp who were not interested in keeping
> the code under a Free license.
> best,
> Hamish


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