[Live-demo] Disk Space and MapGuide

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 9 22:05:48 PDT 2011


Trevor wrote:
> It may be possible to save approximately 65MB on the
> installation size if we configure and build against the
> distro >versions Apache, PHP, and Tomcat. 
> Unfortunately, we build extension libraries for all of these
> and we do not >compile natively on Ubuntu 10 (gcc 4.4) so
> distro integration cannot be achieved yet.  Switching
> to distro-based >builds would likely take many man weeks
> of effort and multiple MapGuide RFCs to make this happen.

I'm not saying you should do it, but perhaps something which
should happen anyway, and this is just an excuse to get started
on the job?

> Over half of the installation set is taken up by the
> full set of CS-Map coordinate system definitions. 
> There are thousands of coordinate systems included on
> the LiveDVD.  Reducing the set of coordinate systems
> may be possible.  I do not know what impact it
> would have on the code base though.  And there is
> always the question of which coordinate systems to
> include and which ones to drop.

not knowing anything about it & out of pure curiosity, I wonder
how the /usr/share/proj/ dir can do it, including NTv2 grid files,
for under 5mb, while CS-Map takes 222mb? what on earth are they
doing with all of those bits and bytes?  (epsg file bzip2'd is

One thing we can do to get a feel for the disc space pressure
for next time is to list approx. space requirements for all new
projects on the wish-list, rather than worry about hypotheticals.
Also, I notice 'svn checkout' was not converted to 'svn export'
in bootstrap.sh for the final live4.5 builds, which would have
saved us ~ 75mb.

Also to remember is that compressed size is what it important,
not raw size per se. So it's not always as bad as it looks.


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