[Live-demo] Disk Space and MapGuide

Trevor Wekel trevor_wekel at otxsystems.com
Sat Apr 9 04:40:47 PDT 2011

Hi Cameron,

Here's a reply I sent to Brian Hamlin a couple of days ago regarding the size of MapGuide Open Source.  Unfortunately, no easy answers...

>Here is a rough breakdown of the install set for MapGuide Open Source.
>Maestro 10MB
>Repositories (berkeleydb database integrated into MapGuide) 11MB
>Sample Data 35MB
>CS-Map Coordinate Systems 222MB
>Apache 28MB
>Tomcat 10MB
>Fusion 18MB
>www 6MB
>Php 25MB
>Total 424MB
>It may be possible to save approximately 65MB on the installation size if we configure and build against the distro >versions Apache, PHP, and Tomcat.  Unfortunately, we build extension libraries for all of these and we do not >compile natively on Ubuntu 10 (gcc 4.4) so distro integration cannot be achieved yet.  Switching to distro-based >builds would likely take many man weeks of effort and multiple MapGuide RFCs to make this happen.
>Over half of the installation set is taken up by the full set of CS-Map coordinate system definitions.  There are >thousands of coordinate systems included on the LiveDVD.  Reducing the set of coordinate systems may be possible.  I >do not know what impact it would have on the code base though.  And there is always the question of which coordinate >systems to include and which ones to drop.


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On 08/04/11 09:31, Brian Hamlin wrote:
> Can we get a jump on reducing the install size of MapGuide OpenSource 
> somehow?
> It is disproportionally large compared to just about  anything else

Trevor, Jackie,
We have exceeded the space available on a DVD to store all OSGeo-Live 
Linux, Windows and Mac applications.
As a consequence, in the last OSGeo-Live release a few weeks back, 
OSGeo-Live 4.5, at the last minute we were forced to remove a number of 
Windows installers, and unfortunately, we had to remove the MapGuide 
Windows installer due to its size. (The linux based version of MapGuide 
is still installed).

With the next FOSS4G 2011 release in Sept 2011, we expect to have a few 
new applications added, and we will need to make hard decisions about 
keeping our image size in check.
As MapGuide is one of the biggest applications installed, we hope that 
you can work with us to see if there is a way to bring MapGuide's 
install size down.

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