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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 15:20:05 PDT 2011

Simon, I'm also watching your progress with interest, and hope that we 
can align your work and the OSGeo-Live material.

On the point of datasets, I'm open to incorporating a fine grained 
dataset on OSGeo-Live, if it is going to be valuable to a number of 
projects, and is suitably compact to fit on the OSGeo-Live DVD.

On 28/04/11 12:02, Simon Cropper wrote:
> On 28/04/11 11:28, Jody Garnett wrote:
>> You should find that the committees mentioned are aware of these 
>> issues. In
>> particular the osgeo live project is standardising on the use of the 
>> natural
>> earth dataset in order to be above board.
> This is good but very few people actually do work at that scale. I 
> hope that now we have some data at a finer resolution we will see some 
> other tutorials demonstrating techniques typically done on a day to 
> day basis.
>> If it helps; for the next release of uDig I was going to switch to the
>> natural earth dataset in order to better fit with OSGeo live; and be
> > more generally interesting for a world wide audience.
> This sounds good but as stated most users work at a regional level not 
> continent wide level.
>> From my standpoint it is annoying having any number of projects 
>> asking for
>> content to be written; and no procedures in place to easily accept the
>> content that is available.
>> The first project that sits down and defines how submit word, pdf, html,
>> rst, odf etc... (with manual steps if needed) will have a much greater
>> chance of success. Perhaps that project will be yours?
> I agree. I have resisted finalising my tutorial on 'preparing 
> tutorials' so I can iron out any nuances before asking others to 
> follow the same procedure. I think that after a couple of more 
> tutorials I should be happy with the process and will publish my notes.
> I have also developed a few simple python routines that make those 
> finicky things deeded to make a webpage functional, easy to do. These 
> will be published and explained on the scripting subdomain.
> So far I have...
> 1. A reasonable HTML template (no need for contributor to change)
> 2. A reasonable style setup (no need for contributor to change)
> 3. Sound metadata model
> 4. Appropriate and diverse dataset to demonstrate techniques
> 5. Easy screen capturing procedure
> 6. A range of simple to use scripts to automate those few irritating 
> tasks (gather images data and insert tags into HTML document, 
> create/maintain navigation lists, synchronise metadata throughout 
> website, create PDFs).
> Most of these are reasonably stable now, so as stated above, after a 
> few more published tutorials I will be releasing these for others to use.

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