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Angelos Tzotsos gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 11:52:13 PDT 2011

Hi Cameron,

I talked with Tom Kralidis for this issue, and we think it will be ok to 
provide an installer script but not link in main.sh for now.
I will let you know about this when ready.


On 04/27/2011 11:34 AM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Angelos,
> It is great to see interest from pycsw in joining the OSGeo-Live 
> stable of quality applications.
> My initial feeling is that it would be great to include pywcs in a 
> future release of OSGeo-Live, but as pywcs is still only at a 0.1 
> release, without wide uptake yet, it is premature to include pywcs 
> into the next OSGeo-Live release.
> I believe that we have developed a reputation that if an application 
> has been deployed on OSGeo-Live, then someone can expect that it has 
> been deployed in many different locations, and tested by many 
> different organisations. Hence, users can be confident that they will 
> be unlikely to uncover any bugs by running standard operations.
> Feel free to suggest that I have mis-read the project, or argue otherwise.
> One option that we could potentially consider is including a pywcs 
> install script on the DVD, but not call the install script from our 
> main.sh install script. This would mean that pywcs would not be 
> installed on OSGeo-Live, but it would be easy to run the pywcs install 
> script and get pywcs installed if required by an expert. Would this be 
> of interest?
> On 26/04/2011 9:06 AM, Angelos Tzotsos wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> On behalf of the pycsw development team, I would like to ask if we 
>> can include our project in OSGeoLive 5.0.
>> I am providing requested answers below:
>>     *  Please describe your application.
>>           o  What is its name?
>> pycsw
>>           o  What is the home page URL?
>> http://pycsw.org/
>>           o  Which OSI approved Open Source Licence is used?
>> MIT
>>           o  What does the application do and how does it add value
>>             to the GeoSpatial stack of software?
>> pycsw is an OGC CSW server implementation written in Python.
>> pycsw implements clause 10 (HTTP protocol binding (Catalogue Services 
>> for the Web, CSW)) of the OpenGIS Catalogue Service Implementation 
>> Specification, version 2.0.2.
>> We believe that pycsw would be a good addition for the LiveDVD, since 
>> it provides a lightweight, standalonealternative to current 
>> Java-based, CSW server implementations.
>>     *  Stability is very important to us on OSGeo-Live. If a new
>>       user  finds a bug in one application, it will tarnish the
>>       reputation of all  other OSGeo-Live applications as well. Do
>>       you have a bug free, stable  release, which has been rolled out
>>       to production in a number of  locations? Please discuss the
>>       level of testing that your project has  gone through, the size
>>       of the community that uses the application, and  how long the
>>       project has had mature code.
>> Currently pycsw is in beta stage, but the latest 0.1.0 release is 
>> considered pretty stable.
>> As a standalone CSW server implementation, pycsw passes 100% the OGC 
>> Cite tests for this release.  CITE tests are run daily. Additional 
>> tests are also provided with the source code which are tested before 
>> release. This latest release is well tested, but not currently 
>> deployed to a production environment. Demo web pages can be found 
>> here: http://pycsw.org/demos.html.
>>  The pycsw community is relatively new, and there is growing interest 
>> given the release of 0.1.0.  pycsw integrates with other foss4g 
>> packages (i.e. OWSLib), and is already being integrated in various 
>> interoperability demonstrations (CSW <-> WPS integration with the ZOO 
>> project).
>>     *  OSGeo-Live is targeted at applications that people can use 
>>       rather than libraries. Does the application have a user
>>       interface  (possibly a command line interface) that a user can
>>       interact with?
>> pycsw  is a web service (implementation of OGC CSW standard). 
>> Currently it does not include client code (internally uses OWSLib in 
>> cases needed). There are some tester web pages 
>> (http://pycsw.org/demos.html) <http://pycsw.org/demos.html%29>  that 
>> are also included in a clean setup.
>>     *  We give preference to OSGeo Incubated Projects, or Projects
>>       which are presented at FOSS4G  conferences. If your project is
>>       involved in OSGeo Incubation, or has  been selected to be
>>       presented at FOSS4G, then please mention it.
>> We are a new project, and didn't have the chance yet to apply for 
>> OSGeo Incubation or get involved in a FOSS4G conference, but we hope 
>> to do so in the future :)
>>     *  With around 50 applications installed on OSGeo-Live, us core 
>>       packagers do not have the time to liaise with every single
>>       project email  list for each OSGeo-Live release. So we require
>>       a volunteer (or two) to  take responsibility for liaising
>>       between OSGeo-Live and the project's  communities. This
>>       volunteer will be responsible for ensuring the install  scripts
>>       and English documentation are updated by someone for each 
>>       OSGeo-Live release. Also test that the installed application
>>       and  Quickstart documentation works as expected on release
>>       candidate releases  of OSGeo-Live. Who will act as the
>>       project's liaison person.
>> I would be happy to act in the requested role, as I am already 
>> involved in the OSGeoLive project.
>>     *  OSGeo-Live is Ubuntu Linux based. Our installation preference is:
>>           o  Install from UbuntuGIS or DebianGIS
>>           o  Install .deb files from a PPA
>>           o  Write a custom install script
>>          Can you please discuss how your application will be installed.
>> At this moment, we have rpm packages for openSUSE and plan to create 
>> deb packages for Ubuntu. Until then, we can create an installation 
>> script (http://pycsw.org/installation.html)
>>     *  We include Windows and Mac installers for some applications.
>>       Would you be wishing to include Windows and/or Mac installers?
>> Not at this point. Perhaps in the future releases
>>     *  OSGeo-Live is memory and disk constrained. Can the application
>>       run in 512 Meg of RAM?
>> Yes, pycsw can easily run even in 256 Meg of RAM under Apache Web Server
>>     *  How much disk space will be required to install the
>>       application and a suitable example application?
>> pycsw by itself only occupies ~2Mb of disk space. Its dependencies 
>> though (lxml, sqlalchemy, shapely), can occupy a bit more disk space 
>> if not already included in OSGeoLive already.
>>     *  We aim to reduce disk space by having all applications make
>>       use  of a common dataset. We encourage applications to make use
>>       of the  example datasets already installed:
>>     * http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Add_Project
>>       <http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Add_Project#Example_Datasets>#Example_Datasets
>>       <http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Add_Project#Example_Datasets> 
>>       If another dataset would be more appropriate, please discuss
>>       here. Is  it appropriate, to remove existing demo datasets
>>       which may already be  included in the standard release.
>> pycsw exposes metadata, and as such requires sample XML documents 
>> (Dublin Core and ISO 19139:2007). Since the demo datasets for pycsw 
>> are plain xml metadata files in sqlite database files, we can include 
>> existing metadata xml files (perhaps Geonetwork demo data?). The demo 
>> metadata we provide are ~20 xml files (CITE data from OGC and some 
>> xml files created with gimed editor)
>> Best regards,
>> Angelos
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