[Live-demo] osgeo live documentation as a booklet/handout

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 5 23:57:42 PST 2011

maning wrote:
> I tried compiling using the make latex instead of the
> direct pdf via rst2pdf.  The output is much better.


(fyi another free dropbox: www.transferbigfiles.com)

> Since the output pdf won't have the logical order of
> pages.

as a work around, may I suggest the very handy pdftk program.
it lets you burst the document into individual pages and make
a new one in the order you like. (easier than acrobat writer IMO)

> 2.  Running pdflatex, I get lots of errors for gif and
> png images like this:
>  LaTeX Error: Unknown graphics extension: .gif.

ah yes, pdflatex may want images to be in pdf format already.
pain in the neck but there are many other work-alikes which
do not have that restriction. I'll have to look up what method
LyX uses, perhaps latex to PostScript then ps2pdf: try
latex to dvi with `latex`, then `dvipdfm`, or `dvips`+`ps2pdf`?

> 3.  The project and osgeo logo are always on the last
> page of the preceding project page.  Unlike in the html
> where it is on the upper-right corner.

latex is a beautiful thing when it works, and a pita when
it needs tweaking. try changing the paper size or margins. ??


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