[Live-demo] Java apps: better get working on your OpenJDK port ...

Peter Baumann p.baumann at jacobs-university.de
Wed Dec 28 23:36:50 PST 2011

luckily it turns out that rasdaman feels comfortable with OpenJDK as well, so no 
dependency on Sun Java from our side.

On 12/22/2011 09:36 AM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> To points of contact for OSGeo-Live java based projects,
> As outlined by Hamish below, the Sun/Oracle Java cannot legally be installed 
> using ubuntu installers - people will need to download from the Oracle website 
> instead.
> We possibly could use Sun Java with the next, March 2012 based OSGeo 5.5 
> release (as we are basing upon the old Xubuntu 11.04), but we would probably 
> not be able to legally include any java based security updates.
> For OSGeo-Live 6, for FOSS4G 2012 in Sept, we will likely only have the option 
> of using OpenJDK and not Sun-Java.
> I'd like to hear advice from each Java based projects as to the feasibility of 
> migrating to OpenJDK, and what you recommend we do on the OSGeo-Live project.
> Please respond on the live-demo at lists.osgeo.org list.
> On 21/12/2011 9:53 AM, Hamish wrote:
>> Hi,
>> as we suspected would happen eventually, Oracle is
>> pulling the rug out and retiring their Java-6 Open
>> Distribution license, so in future end-users will
>> have to download it themselves. thus anything which
>> doesn't work with OpenJDK is going to be SOL very
>> soon as we can't legally ship Sun's Java6 anymore.
>> dunno if that also applies to the JAI library
>> which is in the same license boat.
>> on the plus side:
>> -OpenJDK has come a really long way recently
>> -hey maybe this frees us up some disc space ;-)
>> I don't know if it will still be in the 11.04 repos
>> (as anything other than a wrapper package that says
>> it isn't there any more) by the time of our final
>> build; the java browser plugin is already disabled
>> in 10.04LTS+ as ubuntu aren't allowed to distribute
>> bug fixes to known security holes in it.
>> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2011-December/001528.html 
>> http://robilad.livejournal.com/90792.html
>> If you want to live dangerously and hold on to what
>> you've got, before it gets removed by a security
>> update:
>> sudo aptitude hold sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre  sun-java6-jdk
>> sudo su
>> echo "sun-java6-jdk hold" | dpkg --set-selections
>> echo "sun-java6-jre hold" | dpkg --set-selections
>> echo "sun-java6-bin hold" | dpkg --set-selections
>> (I consider the browser plugin to be a no-hoper so
>> leave it out of the above)
>> have fun,
>> Hamish
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