[Live-demo] SVN size

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 3 13:58:04 PST 2011

Alex wrote:
> So
> https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/browser/livedvd/gisvm/trunk/app-data/rasdaman/rasdaman_data.tar.gz?rev=5501

rasdaman_data.tar.gz 62.4 MB (r5489)

> A little to big and binary to keep in svn. I can't remember
> if we came up with a standard place to keep stuff like this,
> does anyone else? Was it on the download server?

yes,  http://download.osgeo.org/livedvd/data/live_data.README

This dir is to hold data samples used in building the LiveDVD.

It is not appropriate to hold large binary files in SVN.
Subversion is a *source code management* tool (SCM), not
a data warehouse. Due to the history and undo features
of SVN, once checked in a binary file forever takes up
space in the back-end database, even if you later remove
the file.

Also downloading datasets from 3rd party websites have
a nasty habit of going stale after a few months.

So here we are. Contact the live-demo OSGeo mailing list
to get a file posted.

Uploaders please make sure that all files are set to be group-writable
and world-readable.

For more general needs see the OSGeo geodata project & server space:

> For future reference to all contributors, do not put binary
> files in the svn with the primary exception being appropriately
> sized images in the docs (that's 1024x768, 150dpi max).

unfortunately since svn is all about preserving history, now
that it has been uploaded to svn it is always going to take up
that space in the database/backups, even after we move the file
to a more appropriate home.

before agreeing to upload to the download server, I'd ask about
the 64mb dataset and if there's a lighter version available?
Space is tight on the DVD.



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